Cristal stone 925 silver necklace


Cristal stone 925 silver necklace. The necklace can be 16inch,22inch,24inch message me for the length you want x

Name: From the Greek krystallos – ice, crystal Chemical composition: Sio2 (variety of quartz) Color: colorless, sometimes milky white Hardness: 7, crumbly Transparent: transparent Polarity: Yin and Yang

Country of origin: India, Sri Lanka, USA, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland.

Stone recommended for Signs: All signs Governing Planet: Sun and Moon Chakra: the crystal has an energizing effect on all chakras. Pointed crystals are good for meditative states, with psychic charge. Energizes the upper chakras (must be worn with the tip down)

Associated element: water

Archangel: Gabriel

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