Infatuation AW18/19

The choice of the colour red represents the colour of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger and adventure. The colour has such a big contrast in its meaning that inspired the designer through the whole concept. The blood-red is symbolic for representing the inside of us that binds us together, the pumping heart, faster beats when the emotions are getting intense, the arteries, the veins that rush the blood in all our body making us feel its warmth. 
The concept has a subtle twist of not only focusing on loving another but being kind and loving to the self, first of all, being infatuated with our own picture. The pieces have details that represent love, loving the inside, outside, the others and everything that surround us to attract a desired kind of life. INFATUATION is a journey, a story-line, it started with the designer feeling pain and discomfort, blaming the others for it. In the process she realised it all has to do with our choices and our feelings, by choosing to feel love, everything can change, everything can be exactly the way we want it to be.