Today, wardrobe refashioning has made a comeback. This time, less out of economic necessity, and more because of a renewed consciousness that we are buying and discarding our clothing much too quickly.
Fast fashion has had a catastrophic impact on the planet and by choosing to help reduce greenhouse gases, and conserve vital energy by recycling our clothes, it will make a big difference for our future and most importantly for the future generations to live in a clean and safe environment.


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Our contribution to our beautiful planet is to try as much as possible to reuse old clothing and give them a twist to make them new, make them wearable again to today’s fashion.

We gather clothing from all around Europe’s vintage/second-hand stores and re-work them in Romania in our little studio which dream is to make an impact on our generation to think and act more sustainably towards our future and the well being of the planet.

So think that with every purchase you are making, you’re being a part of the small change that would hopefully have a big impact on our lives.

With every purchase you:


🌱 reduce greenhouse gases

🌱 save landfill space

🌱 conserve energy

🌱 donate 10% to help kids with ADHD and autism


Thank you.
Yours truly,