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Rooted in a legacy of craftsmanship, our sustainable brand reimagines fashion with recycled denim and fabrics, ensuring each creation is a bespoke reflection of Maria Jovrea’s unique essence. This brand is crafted for individuals who appreciate the fusion of sustainable fashion and artistic storytelling. It beckons those who seek unique expressions and resonates especially with women navigating their own empowering journeys, drawing inspiration from diverse backgrounds and embracing their strength in the face of life’s challenges.

Maria Jovrea’s craft is heavily influenced by the story of her great-grandfather, having been captured in rural Romania and taken to frigid Siberia, survived by mastering the art of tailoring. Passing this skill to subsequent generations, the designer’s grandfather became the torchbearer of this family tradition. Thanks to this strong generational skill, the craft and passion for shaping fabrics has always run in Maria Jovrea’s blood. Answering her calling, the designer earned first-class honours with her BA degree in London and was Awarded as The Best Fashion Designer. From there, she gradually crafted her brand, delving into self-discovery to authentically express her true essence to the world. 

This brand encapsulates the designer’s personal life, as she, with the sensibility of an artist’s mind, articulates her unique perspective and life experiences through recycled fabrics, expressing the importance that Maria Jovrea gives to the health of our planet for future generations to enjoy. From the perspective of having been raised in a religious family bordering on a cult-like experience, Maria Jovrea draws inspiration from these diverse influences, as her creations bear symbols and meanings reflective of this unique upbringing, now transformed into a liberating expression that encourages women to embrace their power, even exuding a ‘scary’ strength as the navigate each day through the walks of life. 

Maria Jovrea’s brand seamlessly blends sustainability and craftsmanship, using recycled fabrics to tell her unique story. From her honoured graduation in London, she progressively shaped a brand resonating with authenticity and empowerment. Catering to those who appreciate sustainable fashion and individual narratives of strength, the brand invites individuals to embrace their distinctive journey with style and purpose.