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Behind The Scenes: Fashion Week

As the lights begin to dim and the music begins to fill the air, the energy in the room is electric. Fashion week is finally here and everyone is excited. The first model steps onto the runway and the audience falls silent, amazed by the stunning ensemble glittering under the bright lights.

But behind the scenes, it’s a different story. Behind the scenes, models rush from fittings to makeup stations while seamstresses make last-minute adjustments to ensure each piece fits perfectly. A team of makeup artists swarm around the models, applying layer after layer of foundation, blush and eyeshadow, working to create the perfect look for each model. In a corner, a group of seamstresses are working restlessly to pull up the waist of one dress and leave the hem of another. Each model has a unique body type and the seamstresses must ensure that each garment fits perfectly.

A model prepares backstage at the Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion week at The Theatre at Lincoln Center, in New York City. (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for IMG)

As the models finish their makeup and hair, they are rushed to their positions in the lineup, each one waiting for their moment in the spotlight. Some are nervous, fidgeting with their jewelry or adjusting their shoes, while others are more relaxed, chatting with their fellow models and laughing at inside jokes.

As the first model steps onto the runway, the backstage area erupts into chaos. Designers and stylists rush back and forth, making last-minute adjustments and checking to make sure that everything is perfect. Makeup artists touch up the models’ faces, while hair stylists tease and spray their hair into place.

Alexander Wang Spring 2012

It’s a whirlwind of activity, with each person playing a vital role in making the show a success. And as the final model takes her turn on the runway, the audience erupts into applause, unaware of the behind-the-scenes drama that has taken place just moments before.

But for those who are backstage, the show is just beginning. As the models rush back to their dressing rooms to change into the next look, the seamstresses are already at work, making more adjustments and fixing any problems that have arisen. Makeup artists and hair stylists are reapplying their artistry to create a new look for each model.

It’s a never-ending cycle of creativity and hard work, one that will continue long after the lights have dimmed and the audience has left. But for those who love fashion, it’s a labor of love – a chance to be a part of something truly magical.

Love, MJ

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